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Atop Ltd are able to offer complete DSA Needs Assessment within 5 working days.

Appointments: 1 working day

Assessments: 5 working days

Reports: 5 working days from assessment


Phone: 01244 513 216/7
or: 0151 225 0234
Fax: 01244 513 218

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Atop Ltd have a number of Assessment and Outreach Centres in the North West of England and Wales. You can find us at Chester, Liverpool Science Park, Liverpool City Centre, South Liverpool, Ormskirk, Warrington, Stockport and Colwyn Bay.

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The cost of your assessment of need is paid from the General Allowance of your DSA Award. ATOP LTD will send an invoice directly to your Funder after your assessment has been completed. You will not personally be asked to make any payment towards or for your assessment of need.

The assessment of need fee is an Inclusive Fee. Within six months of your assessment date you will be contacted and offered a review of your needs. A second review will be offered six months prior to course completion.

At any time during your course and after your assessment if you have any concerns regarding your DSA Support please do not hesitate to contact us directly at Please remember to provide your full name and customer reference number.


Atop Ltd is committed to providing a professional and efficient service. In accordance with our aim to provide a high level of service, we take any complaints seriously and in a non-confrontational manner. All complaints are recorded and monitored so that we can learn from feedback and we will endeavour to enable a full investigation to take place using the three step process.

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