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ATOP Ltd is committed to complying with the 1998 Data Protection Act.
All personal information will be handled in accordance with the Act to ensure that individuals are protected from misuse of personal details and that any information is handled appropriately and within the individual's rights.

Storage of Personal Information

  • All information will be treated as confidential and stored in secure locked cabinets at The Main Chester Centre.
  • Information will be kept for a period of 7 years in accordance with UK Tax Laws. After this period information will be shredded.
  • Information passed electronically should be "locked" to prevent unauthorised access.
  • All ATOP Ltd computer systems to have firewall protection. The University of Chester I.T. system is monitored regularly through security logs. Additional firewall software is installed, regularly monitored and updated by ATOP LTD.
  • Information being transferred electronically will be done so using a "safe network" or using PGP Encrypting Software.
  • Personal information, e.g. email address or contact details will not be disclosed or passed to third parties without written permission from the individual concerned with the exception of the following circumstances:
    • When required to do so in Law.
  • Files taken out of the office for assessment appointment purposes will be logged and returned within one week. Documents taken off site will be stored and handled in accordance with the ATOP Ltd Policy for storage of data outside of the Main Centre.
  • Assessors will not store student information on their own computer systems.

Information taken out of the Centre

Information being taken off site will require the individual to adhere to the following additional steps:

  • Where possible files to be emailed electronically using a secure email address. If secure email address is not available files to be collected from the Office no more than one week in advance of meeting with student.
  • Once away from the office, paper files are to be transported in secure brief case then transferred to a locked cabinet.
  • Files to be returned to the office no later than one week after meeting with student. If files are required after this date they will need to be viewed at the office.
  • Files should not be made available to anybody other than yourself or to ATOP Ltd personnel.
  • Do not make photocopies of any information contained in the file.
  • All electronic information should be password protected and stored on a p.c. with firewall protection.
  • All electronic information to be deleted once the student has confirmed acceptance of the report.