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Why do I need to have an assessment?

Your Funding Body will require a DSA-QAG needs assessment to be carried out so that your individual needs can be explored in relation to your proposed course, ensuring that you get the necessary support.

Statistically, students who have a Needs Assessment and access their support through DSA, perform academically better than eligible students who do not access their DSA.

You should not arrange for a DSA assessment without first confirming your eligibility with your Funding Body. Your Funding Body will require you to submit an application form and medical evidence or an Educational Psychologist's Report.

How can I arrange my assessment?

If you have already applied to your Funding Body for Disabled Students' Allowances and have an Entitlement Letter, you can contact us directly to arrange your assessment.

Email: <>
Telephone: 01244 513217 or 01244 513216, Liverpool: 0151 225 0234
Fax Us: 01244 513 218

Alternatively, you can fill in an Online Referral Form to request a callback from a member of our Admin team.

After a convenient date has been agreed, we will send you written confirmation of your assessment appointment, an overview of what you can expect from your assessment and a map with directions on how to find us.

What happens during the assessment?

Your DSA assessment is a confidential meeting conducted by an experienced assessor with specialist knowledge of your specific learning difficulty or disability. It will take place in a relaxed and supportive environment, giving you the opportunity to discuss your additional learning needs in relation to your studies. Your assessor will be able to compile a detailed report of recommended technology and support through the discussion of your past learning strategies and study experience.

How long does an assessment take?

On average, the duration of a needs assessment is around 2 hours but this can vary depending on the nature of the support required. Your assessor will be able to give you a more detailed indication before your appointment takes place.

Can I bring someone with me to the assessment?

You are very welcome to bring a friend, family member or Advocate along with you. Each of our Assessment Centres provide a comfortable reception area in which they can wait for you whilst the assessment takes place. The majority of students prefer to have their assessment on a one-to-one basis with the assessor, but feel free to speak to a member of staff if you prefer to have somebody in the assessment with you.

What do I need to bring with me to the assessment?

You will have provided your Medical Evidence and Eligibility Letter in advance of the assessment. It would be helpful if you could bring along an example of your notes or essay plans.

What happens after the assessment?

Once the assessment has been completed you will receive a copy of your report within 10 working days.

Will the assessment process have any cost implication to me personally?

No, the assessment will be funded through the General Allowance within your DSA.

How do I get the equipment that has been recommended for me?

You will be sent an Entitlement letter from your Funding Body explaining the process for the provision of equipment.

How do I organise the training recommended in my report?

Arrangements vary, but it is important to enquire about any recommended training as soon as your equipment is delivered so that you benefit from it as much as possible. Your Entitlement Letter will provide details of the chosen Assistive Training Provider.

What do I do if I want to complain?

If you have any concerns about your assessment or the process please access the ATOP Ltd Complaints Procedure. We take all complaints very seriously and will work to support you through our complaints procedure if required.