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A series of short videos to help students, advisers, parents and institutions with the UCAS application process.

UCAS TV Website UCAS TV Disability support

National Network of Assessment Centres

The National Network of Assessment Centres is a UK-wide network of specialist services that work together to facilitate access for disabled people to education, training, employment and personal development. Assessment Centre services include quality assessment and support in the use of assistive technology and/or specialised learning strategies.

NNAC Website


NADP Ltd is the professional organisation for disability and support staff in further and higher education. NADP is for anyone working in the post-16 education sector and involved in the management or delivery of services for students with disabilities.

NADP Website

The government's disability web site want to help you find out about your rights as a disabled person, and to learn more about the legislation that exists to help establish fully comprehensive and enforceable civil rights for disabled people in the UK.

Department of Universities, Industry and Skills (DUIS)

To help you get the best out of going to university or college, there is a range of financial help available from the DUIS. Essentially you will have two main types of expenses whilst at university or college - tuition fees and your own living expenses. Student loans for maintenance are available to help out with your living costs, and you may also be eligible for a grant. On these pages you will find further information about the range of help available for students in England and Wales. This includes information about the Disabled Students Allowance (DSA).

DUIS Website

Disability Rights Commission

The DRC have a web site and here you can find out about the Disability Rights Commission and what they do. If you have a question about disability you may need their Help line.

DRC Website

Disability Alliance

The Disability Alliance provides individual support to disabled people, their families/enablers or people working with disabled people by offering a web-based information service.

Disability Alliance Website


EmpTech aims to provide information resources on assistive technologies that are designed to help those with specific difficulties or disabilities work and study more effectively. The database includes product descriptions, links to manufacturers, suppliers with addresses as well as other related resources including advice and training guides where available. News items linked to the use of assistive technologies are regularly posted and updates occur on a weekly basis.

EmpTech Website

DSA-QAG (Disabled Students' Allowance Quality Assurance Group)

The objective of QAG is to ensure that the Quality Assurance Framework Policies and Procedures, which includes standard operating procedures, provide guidance to Assessment Centres in England and Wales to facilitate delivery of a quality assured needs assessment service. This is to ensure that a disabled student receives a high quality service which is timely, effective and meets their needs, at whichever Centre they choose to have their assessment done.

DSA-QAG Website